Our Brand

We are inspired from your rich, innovative, beautiful and unique identity and we reflect it on the different styles created that transform your life.

Our special and limited designs require time to be made: we create your amazing garments once we get your order.

We normally take 7 days to create your design. This time frame may vary depending on the design and prior designs being made. We will always notify you all of the order information on time.

Our designs are made with exclusive materials, therefore are unique pieces and others will have very limited quantities.

All of the designs can be personalized with special measurements or with a different theme. Feel free to contact us for further information, we are always happy to help you.

Welcome to your world!


The Revival Collection

The Love Wins Denim Blazer

Magian Caspine´s message to You!

  • The Hera Pants

    Versatile, elegant, high waisted and wise contouring flared pants, are adequate for casual or formal activities. The front bags make an assymetric design on the front and the bags on the back stylize the view with an appealing cat eye shape.

  • The Athena Dress

    The fitting benefits your silhouette, flattens the belly and contours beautifully the waist and buttocks. The fabric was made on a foot loom with mayan symbols that tell an amazing story with a harmonic and eye catching symbols and color mixture. It is a unique piece. Although, the design can be manufactured again with similar fabrics. Contact us for further information.

  • buttocks enhancing elegant and comfortable shorts

    The Aphrodite Shorts

    Elegant, comfortable and transformable shorts for every possible occasion. The design creates extra volumen on the buttocks area, for an appealing look. They can also be tied up for a fresher look.

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