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Magian Caspine

The Rhea Blazer

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  • Innovative, contoured fit, comfortable suede blazer with a beautiful and eye catching lining.
  • Suede Buttons and hidden side zippers.
  • Transformable design, that can be worn with a variety of lapel positions, that can show or hide the incredible lining.
  • Will make you standout at work or at any social gathering because of it´s stylishness, elegance, and innovation, specially at the sleeve area because it shows the outside suede sleeve and the inner golden sleeve.
  • Delicate details that stand out with their golden color from the front stylines.
  • Includes a beautiful and matching facemask design.
  • Check the size chart to choose the correct size.
  • If your size is not listed, we can personalize it for you. Please contact us for futher information.